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Tera Alchemy
In this class we learn to manage Energy!

- Protect yourself from taking on unwanted energy    

- Own your sacred space

- Repair your Aura

- Eliminate negative energy and unwanted     connections from your sacred space

- Connect to unlimited source of energy to use in your life and work

- Connect to the Love  and the healing energies of the Mother Earth and the Universe!

​- Learn to feel better and help others

About 60% of this class is spent learning how to manage your own personal energy and be in control of the energy in your personal sacred space.
In the rest of the class we learn how to do this for others.

​This class is necessary for those working as Therapists and beneficial for anyone who is in contact with other people.  

Yes, it is a great class for everyone!!!
Healing With Energy
Weekend Workshop in Sedona
September 23rd & 24th 10 am - 5 pm
Ultimate Light Mission  ~  Sedona, Az
Weekend Workshop fee is $250 
I studied this technique in the early 90's with Jane Richmond at the Self Heal School of Herbal Studies and Healing in San Diego. She studied in the 70's at the Berkeley Psychic Healing Institute. I was in her 6 week class for 5 years finished as a helper and got her blessing to teach the technique.. 
This class was very popular at my school in Tijuana, where I shared these techniques for about 17 years.

The benefits I gained in studying, practicing and sharing of this knowledge have been life changing for me and my students.  I hear so many people saying "I am an empath and I take on everyone's pain" my response is stop saying that and please stop doing that!  
I never could understand why anyone would want to own another's pain.  Through the concepts and practices presented in this workshop we will learn how to not take on unwanted energies and pains that often follow, as well as how to release or remove them from our personal space. Deepening our understanding of how to manage energy will help one to avoid many problems in life.

Being well versed in Crystal Healing, my 1st healing modality which i began using in the 80's, I have incorporated crystals and minerals into this class.  I also have been working with herbs for over 30 years so they plant world is also included..

I spent many years in working with Traditional Indigenous Healers in the Southwest and Mexico, these teachings and subsequent practice have influenced greatly what I am sharing in this type of workshop.  Well in any of the sharing I do we will discuss the balance in Body, Mind and most importantly Spirit.

Of course using Herbs, Minerals and various "shamanic" techniques I have added to it to create my own teachings, but still based on the Berkeley stuff.  

Mostly I am sharing how to deal with energy in your own space, protecting yourself, your workspace and removing accumulated junk energies. we will also discuss and learn how to help others with energetic balance, mostly through clearing of "negative energies".  
This is a precursor to a "soul retrieval" and more in depth energy clearing workshop that I want to do in the future based on Mexican Traditional Medicine "The Mexican Herbal Tradition".

Having been on hiatus from in person teaching, just doing classes through Zoom since 2020, I am really looking forward to sitting in a circle with you and sharing things I have learned. 
And of course honoring the amazingly wonderful humans, my teachers, who shared it with me.

A little bit of history on how this course came to be.
Please note, I will not turn anyone away for monetary reasons. 
I know times are tough, that is why I am teaching this class. 
We need to understand how to manage energies, everywhere we turn seems that someone is dumping their negative stuff, whether on purpose or not.  We are being manipulated into a place of stress and lack,  this is not who we are or how we are meant to live.
  If you need a discount let me know.